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Misha Myers博士是迪肯大学创意艺术高级讲师和课程总负责人,负责关于创建和研究移动和数位故事创作体验。 她不仅在探索如何将数字技术用作表演和故事创作的工具、设备和环境,而且还在探索如何利用数位故事创作来促进社区参与和社会创新。 她的工作包括了现场表演、游戏、装置、音频漫步、广播和在线艺术品跨多个平台进行。Myers博士已获得多项研究补助金和研究金,并领导了涉及行业和学术伙伴的国际研究团队,担任首席研究员。她所领导的“Theatre as Memory Work”曾获得Barking Spider Visual Theatre Company莫纳什社区补助金2017年)。她曾是英国艺术人文研究委员会的印度UnBox研究员(2013年),并获得了发挥作用:利用社会影响力游戏增强农业项目的资助。她曾获得两项欧洲社会基金会赠款,用于利用社交媒体增强影响力的研究项目。她创建了屡获殊荣的交互式多媒体故事创作平台,并制作了一系列BBC的德文郡广播节目(2004年),该平台由Performance Research Journal发布和委托,并在Community Award中获得了AOL创新奖。同时她也是日本基金会奖学金的获得者,在日本田子接受了日本戏剧导演铃木忠志(Suzuki Tadashi)关于表演方法的培训(2000年)。

Dr. Misha Myers is a Senior Lecture and Course Director of Creative Arts at Deakin University. Her work is all about creating and researching mobile and digital storytelling experiences that are interactive, place aware, location-based. She is exploring not only the use of digital technologies as tools, devices and environments for performance and storytelling, but how digital storytelling can be leveraged for community engagement and social innovation. Her work takes place across multiple platforms through live performances, games, installations, audio walks, radio broadcasts, or online artworks. It is often collaborative in process drawing together culturally diverse participants and teams with different disciplinary expertise to work towards bridging communities and solving challenging social problems through arts-based and digital methods.

Dr. Myers’ recent projects include "The Walking Library", an internationally recognised ongoing art-based research project created in collaboration with Dee Heddon (University of Glasgow) first commissioned in 2012 by the Sideways Festival of peripatetic art in Belgium, and by Glasgow 2018 European Championship Festival to collaborate with poet and visual artist Alec Finlay for Wild City.  Produced by Monash Academy of Performing Arts and the Centre for Theatre and Performance, Monash University, in partnership with Melbourne’s Greek Community Centre, Myers developed the transmedia performance game for smartphone "Nobody's Ocean" in 2016. The work invited audiences to reimagine Homer’s great epic poem ‘The Odyssey’ as a game played in the streets of Melbourne.

Dr. Myers has been the recipient of several research grants and fellowships and led international research teams involving industry and academic partners as Principal Investigator. She was a recipient of a Monash Community Grant (2017) with Barking Spider Visual Theatre Company for ‘Theatre as Memory Work’ to explore inter-generational theatre based on stories of residents in aged-care. She was a UK Arts Humanities Research Council UnBox Fellow in India (2013) and received a follow on grant for the project ‘Play to Grow: Augmenting Agriculture with Social Impact Games’ involving collaboration with the Delhi-based rural development NGO Digital Green to co-design the game Bumper Crop with small-holding farmers in India. She was the recipient of two European Social Fund grants for the research projects ‘Augmenting Impact with Social Media’ involving a collaboration with the UK-based theatre company Wildworks exploring transmedial storytelling through social media and ‘Designing Landscape Narrative Experience with Locative Media’ involving industry partnership with Treasure Trails. She created the award-winning interactive multimedia storytelling platform and series of BBC radio Devon broadcasts way from home (2004) with UK inhabitants of refugee and asylum seeker background to map their remembered landscapes of home. The platform was published and commissioned by Performance Research Journal and attracted an AOL Innovations in the Community Award. She was the recipient of a Japan Foundation Fellowship to train with the Japanese theatre director Suzuki Tadashi in his method of acting in Toga, Japan (2000). She has trained professionally in acting, directing and composition for theatre since 1995 with Anne Bogart and the Saratoga International Theatre Institute from New York, USA.

     Dr. Myers is on the Editorial Board of Research in Drama Education: Journal of Applied Theatre & Performance, regularly reviews grant applications for the UK Research Council as a member of the AHRC Peer Review College since 2012, and is a member of Victorian Department of Premier’s Research Institute on Social Cohesion.

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