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Simon Wilmot是迪肯大学传播与创意艺术学院的副院长,负责管理国际合作。Simon如今的研究方向是有关身份构建和归属感的记忆和想象过程的电影制作。Simon教授电影制作,还是数字电影大师课程的协调员。 他还为电影专业的学生提供国际学习经验,例如前往印度和美国的游学,以及为学生提供在国际背景下拍摄电影的机会。


Associate Head of School (International and Partnerships)

School of Communication and Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University


Research interests

Simon is currently interested in making films about processes of memory and imagination in the construction of identity and a sense of belonging.
From 2003 to 2005 he produced, filmed and edited a documentary feature, 'Kotla Walks, performing locality.' The film engages with metropolitan meanings in India through wandering the streets, footpaths, courtyards, bedrooms and sitting rooms of the urban village of Kotla Mubarakpur. Through focusing on the family of Sarita and Raman Bhardwaj, their friends, and, neighbours, it explores the ways in which the texture of urban spaces in woven into ideas of belonging, intimacy, friendship, ambition, and the desire to be here but also somewhere else. In the process, it constitutes locality as a series of performances.
In 2012 he completed 'Sisters of the Sun' a film about the flows of time, language and culture on the volcanic plains of Western Victoria

Teaching interests

Simon teaches film production and is the Course Co-ordinator of the Masters of Digital Film. He also runs international study experiences for film students such as study tours to India and the USA and opportunities for students to make films in international contexts.



Simon is currently working on several projects. These include: 'Lamalama Short', a collection of short documentaries about an Australian indigenous community's use of material collected about them in the 1920s, to remember the past and imagine a future. The project is funded through an ARC Linkage Grant.
'Reawakenings', a documentary about the reclamation and revival of the South Western Victorian Aboriginal languages.

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